Sunday, 3 October 2010

Settling in and future plans

Following the excitement of the Papal visit, the community has started to establish a routine of community life and some plans for our future activities. The life of the community centres around prayer - currently we are praying Lauds and Vespers every day at 8am and 6.30pm. In addition one evening a week is community night, an opportunity to eat and socialise together. Plans are afoot to celebrate Mass 'in house' once a month, at which non-community members of the student body would also be welcome. Our hope here would be that the community would support visiting priests in providing the music, readings etc. Community members have begun looking at plainchant for this purpose. We hope that these meetings may also incorporate other activities such as talks, film nights or discussion groups, as long as, by general community agreement, The Greatest Story Ever Told is not one of the films shown. With the occasional cake mornings these will, we hope, provide opportunities for other students to, variously, worship, find out about the community or discuss a range of issues in informal settings.



  1. any news on talks and discussion groups?

  2. We've plans afoot for a series of Advent talks...