Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Frassati Society

Once again, it's been a couple of weeks since the last update... but that doesn't really matter. Catholic with Attitude is doing sterling work on updating the blogosphere on some of our goings on. His appeal for the Oratory of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati has born remarkable fruits. No doubt he'll post some photos to confirm that in due course. (Update: so he has!) But put it this way... we pray for our benefactors at lauds and vespers every weekday, and post-appeal that means we're now praying for a lot of people.

On the subject of Bl. Pier Giorgio, the university college's Frassati Society - founded earlier this year, and in many ways the soil out of which Benny House ultimately grew - has grown rapidly over the past few weeks. The House itself was set up not just for the residential community, but also to attract others into our life of prayer and service. In providing the Frassati Society a chapel for prayer (14 for Vespers and the Angelus on Monday! Also, rosary every Thursday), and a base from which we can  head out to try to practice the works of mercy (and having done so, end up in the pub), Benedict XVI House is, slowly but surely, fulfilling this role.

(In other news, an interesting blog post appeared on the Guardian website last week, the last paragraph of which was inspired by several of the FrassSoc members and Benny House residents...)


  1. I'm a student at St Mary's and would like to know more about the Frassati Society - how would I go about doing this?

  2. Stephen - great! There's a facebook group:!/group.php?gid=106314806059603
    But by all means send me an email instead/as well: bullivants [at]