Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Full House

The major news of the last few months is that the House is now full for this year. So, as originally intended, the community is now eight strong. As you would expect, with new people joining it takes a while for everyone to adapt (and rearrange who has which shelf in the fridge), but we seem now to have settled back down into our usual routine.

Workwise, everyone is (and should be) busier than last semester - especially our two third year students - and it's been more difficult to find times properly to come together as a whole community every week. But community nights on Thursday are continuing nonetheless (with prayer, scripture sharing and a communal meal) - as also are morning prayer (for those who are up) and evening prayer (for those who are in) every week day.

Lent will, of course, soon be upon us. We've nothing yet planned to rival our series of Advent talks in December, but there'll be plenty going in the chaplaincy, so we'll not go short of spiritual sustenance.

While things have been much quieter at the House this semester in terms of 'events' (one birthday party excepted), we've not been wholly idle of an evening... on which, more later!

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