Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fill the hungry with good things

At St Mary's today there will be a cake (and cards, jam, chutney, etc.) sale in aid of the School of Theology, Philosophy and History's pet charity - Wells for India. This is a wonderful organization, set up in 1987 by Mary and Nicholas Grey, focusing on the provision of safe and sustainable water resources in rural Rajasthan. (Mary Grey is also currently a research professor at SMUC.)

Giving drink to the thirsty is, of course, one of the corporal works or mercy: something we take very seriously (or try to/like to think we do) at Benny House. As such, our kitchen was even busier and messier than usual yesterday evening. Since very few of the SMUC student halls have serviceable kitchens, we threw ours open to any student wanted to contribute. Here are some of the results:

One of our freshers...

... and (some of) the fruits of her labours.

A chocolate fudge cake and an oddly-oblong Victoria sponge in a process of becoming...

The chocolate fudge cake in all its glory.

(Apparently, Shaun didn't consider the Victoria sponge - nor a couple of jars of homemade chutney - photogenic enough to take a picture of...)